Immerse yourself into the dazzling and mystic world of DEWYLD:
Expressive, vivid, untamed jewelry. Expertly crafted designs that capture the beauty of the wild!

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The elegant, very rare feline represents DEWYLD'S icon. Interpreted in various designs, metals and colours, it captures the grace of this fascinating animal in different ways. Find your favourite lynx in our collection.


Founded in Milan, the fashion heart of Italy, DEWYLD puts great emphasis on delivering the highest quality to its customers.

All pieces as well as their packaging are entirely Made in Italy.

DEWYLD's collection is created by combining state-of-the art technology with traditional, distinguished craftsmanship in jewelry making.

This blend makes the pieces distinct.


Introducing our brand new eagle collection! The king of the skies symbolizes freedom, strength and courage. Fly high with these majestic pieces!

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Dewyld’s Online Team is taking a Xmas - break.

Our online shop will be back on the 3rd of January 2021 for shipping your orders.

Happy Holidays!